LinnHolms is a contemporary jewelry brand on a mission to spark conversation, laughter and empowerment through its jewelry.

The founder, a former engineer, has no formal background in design, arts or jewelry making but has a life long interest in fashion and craftsmanship. In 2009 Linn attended a weekend jewelry making course and fell in love. She later became a self-taught gold smith and even held courses in jewelry making at her university. In 2017 Linn chose to quit her engineering job to devote her full attention to designing jewelry for her newly launched brand LinnHolms

All jewelry are made in high quality materials such as silver, gold vermeil or pure gold.

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The brand started out in 2017 with sparkly colourful swarovski crystals and evolved to clean yet bold pieces in the beginning of 2018. The brand is still evolving and you can follow the daily development on instagram: linnholms