Product Care

General care guide
  1. Store your jewelry in a closed box or bag in a non-humid room -> don’t store them in the bathroom
  2. Be careful of exposing your jewelry to water, oils or chemical products -> take them of before exercising or showering
  3. Remember that jewelry are delicate and that they should not be used in situations where they can get scratched or damaged

    The main concern with silver is that it can oxidize / turn black. Fortunately this is not a permanent state and you can always remove the oxidation.
    One of the best ways of avoiding oxidation in the first place is actually using the jewelry. When you are using the silver piece you are polishing the surface and removing the oxidized particles.
    If the piece however oxidizes or starts looking dull you can use silver polish to get it back to its original state -  or ask a local goldsmith to clean it for you. A pro-tip would be to hand it over to a goldsmith for touch ups. They can remove scratches and flaws that might have occurred over time.
    For lighter touch-ups between uses use a polishing cloth which you can buy at almost any jewelry store.

    Gold Vermeil
    Gold vermeil is a thick layer of gold plated over silver. Even though the gold plating is thick, the plating can wear of. The longevity of the plating is highly dependent on how you use and care for the jewelry. 
    To care for your gold vermeil jewelry avoid contact with water/lotions/soap since moist and acidity can cause the gold plating to wear of more easily. Make sure to remove your jewelry before exercising or showering.
    When you’re not using the jewelry: wipe it of with a clean cloth to remove oils, makeup etc. and store it in a closed box or bag (e.g. Linnholms box/pouch)